India v/s China in chemical trading business

With fastest emerging leaders of the world, fastest growth and development. China and India have become a massive sourcing hubs for all kind of industries. Especially for textile industry, their trading rivalry is very much famous around the world. Both of these countries have abundance of reasons, capital, skilled human resources, technology and globalization. Moreover

Why to invest in Indian food industry ?

  Present and future of food industry in India:   Once one of the poorest and least brand savvy nations, India has now become a globally important packaged food market. With a population of more than 1.2billion people which has expanding middle class composition are eager to spend in food.  India offers many potential stakeholders

Facts about China Currency Devaluation

As Former Brazilian finance minister Guido Mantega coined the term “currency wars” in 2010. It refers to countries trying to make their exports more competitive – and ultimately boost their growth – at the expense of rivals, by weakening their exchange rates and China got very much influenced by this. The news which definitely would

Present and future of textile industry in India

Growth of Apparel Industry in India: Present and future aspect We all know India have a massive population of more than 1.2 billion people, in which half of the population is India’s middle class.  Based of purchasing power parity, Indian secures fourth largest economy in the world and third largest GDP in the continent of

New policies on Textile Industry 2015

Good news to those who want to invest in textile industry in India.   With new textile policies, the industry experts hope that the proposed new textile policy is going to be a boon to the existing textile manufacturers and those who wants to invest as a fresher in textile industry domain.   The policy

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