About Us

Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd Ltd is an international trading company which is specialised for bulk trading in chemicals. We are always eager to develop new trading relationships and also maintain the valuable relationships which have been already created. It was founded in 2002 by Manoj Singhania. The headquarters is located in Singapore.

“At last we want to conclude that, our world trade commodity are constantly changing. We are in resonance with the trend, keep our clients informed and adapt to the change. We always have been and will be a solution based organisation whose business to build a trust based trading partner. “

Why Choose Us ?

  • We possess the global strength to both acquire and sell a wide variety of chemical import and export products with help of affiliated offices positioned in different parts of Asia.
  • When comes to India we have office in majors ports and metro politican city Mumbai and Kolkata.
  • Our expert trading teams have many years of experience sourcing products from variety of international origins and finding the lowest prices.
  • Many of our traders are native to the countries with which we have business relationships, allowing them to have a better knowledge of the client’s specific country and needs.
  • We also became expert in logistics involved with land and ocean shipments and will arrange for the movement of the product so that you can focus on something much important that this, which can be your business.
  • We deliver personal service through coordinated teamwork which is the backbone of our company.
  • Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every stage of the process as we coordinate the movement and international delivery of trade products from one side of the earth to other.


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